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Academic Program Guide

Entrepreneurship: Commercial Entrepreneurship

College: Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship
Degree: BS or BA
Limited Access: Yes

Contact: Kirsten Frandsen
Address: 243 Rovetta Business Building
Phone: (850) 644-7893

Description of Major
The Entrepreneurship major is a redesigned, highly competitive, 2-year curriculum. You will learn how to start and harvest a micro-business, learn the advantages and costs of the various sources of venture capital, and the process of obtaining it. You will also focus on opportunity recognition, market research, and feasibility. You will study technology commercialization, financial analysis, legal issues, and human resource management.

In the first two years at FSU, students should take courses in the following areas: General Education requirements, Multicultural Core requirements, and Prerequisite Coursework requirements. Some courses may fulfill requirements in multiple areas. Electives in the first two years should focus on gaining additional exposure to the social and behavioral sciences, and on improving communication and analytical reasoning skills.

Prerequisite Coursework

Prerequisite Coursework: (15 hours)
The following courses must be completed with a C minus or better:

LDR XXXX (3) Any Leadership Course
ECO X013 (3) Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO X023 (3) Principles of Microeconomics
MAC 1105 (3) College Algebra or MAC 2233 (3) Calculus for Business
STA X023 (3) Business Statistics

Note: State-wide common prerequisites are always under review. For the most current information and for acceptable alternative courses, visit the “Common Prerequisites Manual.” This is available from the “Student Services” section of .


Admission Requirements to the Upper-Division Major:
Students at FSU should apply in the spring semester of their sophomore year to start the process of being accepted into the entrepreneurship program the following fall. More information and the application form are available on the web at .

Students, including transfer students, must apply by February 3rd, 2017, and be committed to the 2-year curriculum (no courses are offered in the summer). Admission criteria include academic achievement, evidence of prior entrepreneurial activity, and a compelling essay describing why you want to be an entrepreneur. Students must complete the admission requirements for the limited access business programs no later than the end of their second year in order to continue as a commercial entrepreneurship major.

Admission to the limited access business programs requires the following:
1) completion of at least 52 semester hours;
2) a cumulative grade point average on all college work attempted of at least 2.70; and
3) satisfactory completion of all required prerequisite coursework.


Major Program of Studies at FSU: (57 hours)
Community college courses may not be substituted for 3000/4000 level courses. All courses must be completed with a grade of C minus or better.

General Core Requirements for Entrepreneurship Majors: (27 hours)
ENT 3003 (3) Intro to Entrepreneurship
ENT 4XXX (3) Law/Ethics
ENT 3XXX (3) Creating Value through Customer Acquisition
ENT 3XXX (3) Entrepreneurial Technologies
ENT 3203 (3) Managing Growth
ECO 3041 (3) Personal Finance
ENT 3XXX (3) Innovation by Design
ENT 3414 (3) Measuring Financial Success
ENT 4XXX (3) HR/Management/Communications

Major Area Requirements for Commercial Entrepreneurship Majors: (30 hours)
All entrepreneurship majors must complete the thirty (30) credit hours as listed below. A grade of C minus or better must be earned in each course undertaken to satisfy the commercial entrepreneurship major area requirements.

Required Core Courses for this Major: (30 hours)
ENT 3001 (3) Experiences in Entrepreneurship I
ENT 3002 (3) Experiences in Entrepreneurship II
ENT 4255 (3) Negotiations
RMI 3011 (3) Risk/Insurance
ENT 4114 (3) Business Plan Design
ENT 4XXX (3) New Product Development
ENT 4XXX (3) Simulation/Capstone
ENT 4934 (3) Internship

Plus six (6) credit hours from the following list of courses:
ENT 3173 (3) Franchising
ENT 3273 (3) Family Business
ENT 3283 (3) Women and Minorities (3)
ENT 4XXX (3) Retail
FOS 4209 (3) Food Safety and Regulations

Computer Skills Competency: Students must demonstrate proficiency in computer competency skills. This requirement may be met through with a University approved college-level course.

Oral Communication Competency: Students must demonstrate the ability to orally transmit ideas and information clearly. This requirement may be met through with a University approved college-level course.

Minimum Program Requirements - Summary
Total Hours Required 120
General Education 36*
Prerequisite Coursework 15*
Major Coursework 57
Minor Coursework 0
Computer Skills 0 beyond major
Oral Communication Competency 0 beyond major

Electives to bring total credits to 120 (must complete at least 60 credits outside of business)

*Some Prerequisite courses may also be counted as part of the General Education requirements.

Mapping is FSU’s academic advising and monitoring system. Academic progress is monitored each fall and spring semester to ensure that students are on course to earn their degree in a timely fashion. Transfer students must meet mapping guidelines to be accepted into their majors. You may view the map for this major at

1. Must complete at least 60 hours outside of business
2. A minimum of 45 hours at the 3000 level or above, at least 30 of which must be taken at this University.
3. At least half of the major course semester hours must be completed in residence at this University. After enrolling at this University, all remaining major course requirements must be completed at this University.
4. The final 30 hours must be completed in residence at this University.

Employment Information
Salary Information: National Association of Colleges and Employers, Occupational Outlook Handbook

Representative Job Titles Related to this Major: Owner, Consultant, Franchise Owner/Operator, Investor, Manager.

Representative Employers: Self – any small business, Franchise businesses.

View Entrepreneurship: Commercial Entrepreneurship Academic Map