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Academic Program Guide

Retail Management

College: Business
Degree: BS
Limited Access: Yes

Contact: College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office
Address: 328 Rovetta Business Building, Tallahassee, FL 32306
Phone: (850) 644-3892

Description of Major
Retail is a high-tech, global, $5 trillion industry offering tremendous opportunities for career and income growth. As retailers grapple with new retail concept stores, changing technology, and customized supply chains, the need for retail managers has never been greater. The retail management major prepares students to become business leaders managing multi-million dollar businesses and develops the leadership skills needed to build and motivate successful teams both in stores and central offices. Its tailored and rigorous business curriculum was developed to prepare students for leveraging new technology, mastering strong analytical skills, developing effective problem solving skills, understanding multi-generational needs, and driving sales and profit through best retail practices when managing in this complex industry.

Retail managers are able to diagnose customer needs and gain a thorough understanding of the domestic and global retail marketplace while learning about integral connections that control the supply chain.

Prerequisite Coursework

Prerequisite Coursework: (21 hours)
The following courses must be completed with a C minus or better:

ACG X021 (3) Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACG X071 (3) Introduction to Managerial Accounting
* CGS X518 (3) Spreadsheets for Business or CGS X100 (3) Microcomputer Applications for Business or
ECO X013 (3) Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO X023 (3) Principles of Microeconomics
MAC X233 (3) Calculus for Business and Non-Physical Sciences
STA X023 (3) Business Statistics

* Students taking CGS X100 or other approved course will also need to take CGS 2518 at FSU.

Note: State-wide common prerequisites are always under review. For the most current information and for acceptable alternative courses, visit the “Common Prerequisites Manual.” This is available from the “Student Services” section of .

Admission Requirements to the Upper-Division Major:
Admission to the limited access business programs requires the following:
1) completion of at least 52 semester hours,
2) a cumulative grade point average on all college work attempted of at least 2.90; and
3) satisfactory completion of all required prerequisite coursework.


Major Program of Studies at FSU: (49-52 hours depending on if CGS 2518 was taken as a prerequisite)
Courses taken at a Community College may not be substituted for 3000/4000 level courses.

Lower-Division Requirements: (4 hours)
These courses are Term 5 milestones. Transfer students must complete them in their first term of enrollment at FSU.

RMI 2302 (3) Risk in Business and Society
GEB 1030 (1) Intro. to Professional Development

General Business Core Requirements for Retail Management Majors: (18 hours)
A grade of C minus or better must be earned in each course.

BUL 3310 (3) The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
FIN 3403 (3) Financial Management of the Firm
GEB 3213 (3) Business Communications
ISM 3541 (3) Introduction to Business Analytics
MAN 3240 (3) Organizational Behavior
MAR 3023 (3) Basic Marketing Concepts

General Business Breadth Requirements for Retail Management Majors (9 hours):
Each course selected must be completed with a grade of C minus or better.

Complete the following two (2) courses:
MAR 3231 (3) Retail Management
MAN 4720 (3) Strategic Management and Business Policy

Plus one (1) course from the following list:
MAN 3600 (3) Multinational Business Operations
MAR 3400 (3) Professional Sales
QMB 3200 (3) Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions

Major Area Requirements for Retail Management Majors: (18 hours)
A grade of C or better must be earned in each course used to satisfy the major area requirements. No course may be used to satisfy part of the major area requirements and part of the general business breadth requirements.

Complete the following four (4) courses:
MAR3231 (3) Retailing Management
MAR 3503 (3) Consumer Behavior
MAR4203 (3) Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MAR 4238 (3) Advanced Retail Management

Plus two (2) electives from the following list of courses:
ACG 3101 (3) Financial Accounting & Reporting
IFS 3124 (3) Business Case Analysis & Solution Development
MAN 3504 (3) Services Operations Management
MAN3600 (3) Multinational Business Operations
MAN4301 (3) Human Resources Management
MAR 3323 (3) Promotional Management
MAR 3400 (3) Professional Selling*
MAR 3461 (3) Principles of Purchasing
MAR 3711 (3) Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment Marketing
MAR 4156 (3) Multinational Marketing
MAR 4462 (3) Seminar in Purchasing/Materials Management
MAR 4614 (3) Advanced Marketing Research
MAR 4721 (3) Electronic Marketing
MAR 4841 (3) Services Marketing
MAR 4941 (3) Marketing Internship
RMI 3011 (3) Risk Management/Insurance

* Cannot satisfy both the Marketing major and the Business Breadth requirement.

Computer Skills Competency: (0 hours beyond prerequisites)
CGS 2100 (3) and/or CGS 2518 (3). Either may be taken for admission. CGS2518 is a required course for graduation in the Retail Management major.

Oral Communication Competency: (0 hours beyond other requirements)
Students must demonstrate the ability to orally transmit ideas and information clearly. Business majors complete GEB 3213.

Minimum Program Requirements - Summary
Total Hours Required 120
General Education 36*
Prerequisite Coursework 21*
Major Coursework 49-52
Minor Coursework 0
Computer Skills 0 beyond prerequisites
Oral Competency 0 beyond other requirements
Electives to bring total hours to 120 (must complete at least 60 hours outside of business)

*Some Prerequisite courses may also be counted as part of General Education requirements.

Mapping is FSU’s academic advising and monitoring system. Academic progress is monitored each Fall and Spring semester to ensure that students are on course to earn their degree in a timely fashion. Transfer students must meet mapping guidelines to be accepted into their majors. You may view the map for this major at

1. A minimum of 45 hours at the 3000 level or above, at least 30 of which must be taken at this University.
2. At least half of the major course semester hours must be completed in residence at this University. After enrolling at this University, all remaining major course requirements must be completed at this University.
3. The final 30 hours must be completed in residence at this University.

Employment Information
Salary Information: For more information go to: National Association of Colleges and Employers ( or the Occupational Outlook Handbook ( provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Representative Job Titles Related to this Major: General Manager, Store Team Leader, Assistant Store Manager, Human Resource Manager, Regional Director of Stores, Director of Stores, Buyer, Associate Buyer, Divisional Merchandise Manager, General Merchandise Manager, Finance Manager, Account Receivable or Payable Manager, Sales Promotion Manager, Advertising Manager, Marketing Manager, Wholesale Account Executive, Wholesale Account Manager, District or Regional Sales Representative, Public Relations, Marketing, Market Manager, Operations and Logistics Management

Representative Employers: Department Stores, Specialty Stores, Discount Stores, Extreme Value Stores, Off-Price Retailers, Grocery Stores, Entertainment Theme Park Stores, Home Improvement Stores, Drug Stores, On-Line Retailers, Major Label Wholesale Firms, Retail Marketing Companies, Service Retailers, Major Market Management, and more.

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