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Academic Program Guide

Theatre, BFA (Acting)

College: Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance
Degree: BFA
Limited Access: Yes

Contact: Michele Diamonti
Address: 223 Fine Arts Building, Tallahassee, FL 32306-1160
Phone: (850) 644-5548

Description of Major

*Please Note: Face-to-face/in-person instruction of this program is available ONLY at the main campus in Tallahassee, FL. This program is NOT available via Online/Distance Learning.*

The BFA in Acting is a highly competitive program that prepares graduates for rewarding careers in the theatre and related fields. It will provide the foundation necessary and essential for continued specialization in acting at the graduate level or in the professional theatre. Concentrated coursework includes acting, voice, movement, stage, and directing.

Prerequisite Coursework

Prerequisite Coursework: None
There are no common prerequisites to the BFA in Acting program at FSU.

Note: State-wide common prerequisites are always under review. For the most current information and for acceptable alternative courses, visit the “Common Prerequisites Manual.” This is available from the “Student Services” section of .

Admission Requirements to the Major
Admission is by audition. Auditions are held every January and February for fall admission. Auditions are open to incoming freshmen, transfers and current students. The audition must be accompanied by an acceptable academic record and up-to-date transcripts and resume. Contact the School of Theatre for details. Students applying to the BFA program need to apply to both the School of Theatre and University Admissions.


Major Program of Studies at FSU: (92 hours)
The B.F.A. student is assessed each semester to review competencies and must maintain a 3.00 GPA in major requirements and a 3.00 overall or better GPA in all coursework.

Technical Theatre: (4 hours)
TPA 2201 (3) Introduction to Technical Theatre
TPA 2291 (1) Technical Theatre Laboratory

Performance: (62 hours)
TPP 2110r (3, 3) Acting Techniques I
TPP 2111r (3, 3) Acting Techniques II
TPP 4113 (3, 3) Acting Techniques III
TPP 3265 (3) Acting for the Camera
THE 4935 (3) Advanced Acting for the Camera
TPP 3510r (3) Movement Techniques I
TPP 3511r (3) Movement Techniques II
TPP 4512r (3) Advanced Movement
TPP 3710r (3) Voice Techniques I
TPP 3711r (3) Voice Techniques II
TPP 4712r (3) Voice Techniques III
TPP 4713 (3) Voice Techniques IV
TPP 4310 (3) Directing I
TPP 4531(3) Stage Combat
THE 4935 (3) Physical Theatre
TPP 4922r (8) Performance Workshop

Other Theatre Requirements: (26 hours)
THE 2020 (3) Introduction to the School of Theatre (Final grade of B minus or higher required)
TPA 2248 (2) Stage Makeup
THE 3213 (3) World Theatre History I
THE 3214 (3) World Theatre History II (counts for General Education-Humanities)
THE 4260 (3) Historic Costume
THE 4303 (3) Play Analysis
THE 4954 (1) Culminations
THE 4990r (0) All School Events (Fall and Spring Semesters)

Theatre Electives: (8 hours)
Electives are theatre courses, which the student and his/her advisor agree will best satisfy individual student needs. Electives may include special topics courses, theatre history, credit for acting in a production (TPP 4191, 4192) and the repetition of acting classes (all acting classes may be taken three times for full credit each time).

Digital Literacy: (3 hours beyond the major)
Students must choose a University approved course to meet this requirement.

Oral Communication Competency: (0 hours beyond the major)
Students must demonstrate the ability to orally transmit ideas and information clearly. Theatre majors take THE 2020.

Minimum Program Requirements - Summary
Total Hrs. Required 128*
General Education 36*
Major Coursework 92*
Minor Coursework 0
Digital Literacy 3 beyond major
Oral Competency 0 beyond major
Electives 0


Mapping is FSU’s academic advising and monitoring system. Academic progress is monitored each Fall and Spring semester to ensure that students are on course to earn their degree in a timely fashion. Transfer students must meet mapping guidelines to be accepted into their majors. You may view the map for this major at


1. A minimum of 45 hours at the 3000 level or above, 30 of which must be taken at this University.
2. Half of the major course semester hours must be completed in residence at this University.
3. The final 30 hours must be completed in residence at this University.

Employment Information

Salary Information: For more information go to: National Association of Colleges and Employers ( or the Occupational Outlook Handbook ( provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Representative Job Titles Related to this Major: Actor/Actress, Producer, Playwright-Writer, Director, Drama Critic, Artistic Director, Teacher, Coach.

Representative Employers: Theatre Companies, Regional Theatres, Movie Producers, Television Studios, Park Districts, Stock Companies, Dinner Theatres, Opera Companies, Theme Parks, Children’s Theatre, Community Theatre, Universities, Community Colleges.

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