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Academic Program Guide


ACADEMIC MAP (Effective Summer 2024 and after)

*Please Note: Face-to-face/in-person instruction of this program is available ONLY at the main campus in Tallahassee, FL. This program is NOT available via Online/Distance Learning.*

This map is a term-by-term sample course schedule. The milestones listed to the right of each term are designed to keep you on course to graduate in four years. The Sample Schedule serves as a general guideline to help you build a full schedule each term. The General Education and Elective courses must be selected to satisfy all area and diversity requirements unless your program meets these requirements with major courses. Milestones are courses and special requirements necessary for timely progress to complete a major. Missing milestones will result in one of two types of map registration stops. The first level (Degree Map Off-track) is placed following grade posting if the student has missed a milestone (course and/or GPA) for the first time in the major. If a student is in non-compliance with milestones for two (2) consecutive semesters (excluding summers), a Major Change Required stop is placed on the student's registration.

Studying History will equip you with transferable skills sought in today’s job market, world cultural literacy, and historical knowledge. FSU's History degree will introduce you to thought­ provoking History courses covering many regions of the world. The History Major at FSU prides itself on both its breadth and depth - yet it will also allow you to focus more on a particular theme or area. In addition to the historical knowledge you will gain, you will learn to research, analyze, and interpret data and to communicate persuasively in both writing and speech. The History Major will allow you to become a confident and informed citizen.

The History Department also participates in the undergraduate programs in Asian, Middle East, Latin American, Caribbean, Russian and East European studies, and the Honors Program.

Mapping Coordinator: Shellie Camp

Sample Schedule and Required Milestones by Term

Sample Schedule: Term 1 hrs
ENC1101 Freshman Composition3
AMH2010 A History of the United States to 18653
GE Natural Science3
Foreign Language I4
Required Milestones: Term 1
Complete ENC1101 ( ≥ C minus )
Sample Schedule: Term 2 hrs
ENC2135 Research, Genre, and Context 3
1st GE Math (for Liberal Arts I: MGF1106/7)3
AMH2020 A History of the United States since 18653
GE Core Social Science3
Foreign Language II4
Required Milestones: Term 2
Complete ENC2135 ( ≥ C minus )
Complete 1st GE Mathematics course ( ≥ C minus )
Sample Schedule: Term 3 hrs
WOH2023 The Modern World to 1815 3
2nd GE Math or Statistics (for Liberal Arts)3
GE Core Humanities/Cultural Practice3
Foreign Language III4
Required Milestones: Term 3
Complete or have test credit for at least 3 hours from core courses (AMH2010, AMH2020, WOH2023, or WOH2030/ EUH2000).
Complete 2nd GE Mathematics or Statistics course ( ≥ C minus )
Sample Schedule: Term 4 hrs
WOH2030 The Modern World since 1815 3
GE Humanities/Cultural Practice3
CGS2060 Computer Fluency 3
GE Core Natural Science with Lab4
AMH 3/40003
Required Milestones: Term 4
Complete or have test credit for second course from core courses (AMH2010, AMH2020, WOH2023, and WOH2030/ EUH2000).
Sample Schedule: Term 5 hrs
SPC1017 Fundamentals of Speech or SPC2608 Public Speaking 3
EUH 3/40003
Minor course3
AMH 3/40003
Required Milestones: Term 5
Civic Literacy requirement
Sample Schedule: Term 6 hrs
EUH 3/40003
Non-US/European 3/40003
Minor course 3/40003
Minor course 3/40003
Ethics course3
Required Milestones: Term 6
Complete or have test credit for ALL from core courses (AMH2010, AMH2020, WOH2023, and WOH2030/ EUH2000).
Sample Schedule: Term 7 hrs
Non-US/European 3/40003
HIS 4935 Senior Seminar3
Minor course3
Minor course3
Minor course3
Elective 3/40003
Required Milestones: Term 7
Complete Foreign Language Requirement
Complete Pre-Graduation check
Sample Schedule: Term 8 hrs
Any topic History 3/40003
Any topic History 3/40003
Elective 3/40003
Elective 3/40003
Elective 3/40002
Required Milestones: Term 8
Complete HIS4935
Apply for Graduation in 1st two weeks of semester

Employment Information
Representative Job Titles Related to this Major:* CEO, Diplomat, Social Media Influencer, Video Game Designer, Data Analyst, IT Specialist, Actor, Auctioneer/Appraiser, Journalist/ Media Editor, Consultant, PR specialist , Teacher (K- 12), Banker, Securities Broker, Politician, Lobbyist, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Analyst (CIA/FBI/NSA etc.), Sales Personnel, Management (all ranks, Business, Government etc.).

And with additional qualifications: Lawyer, Librarian, Historian, Archivist, Historical Preservation/Museum Specialist.

*For employment information, please make an appointment with the Arts & Sciences counselors at the FSU Career Center, A4100 UCA.

Representative Employers: All local, state, and national governments. All government agencies. All business and industry. All media: print, broadcasting, cyber, and social. Entertainment and education. All museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces. NGOs, non-profit, and for-profit organizations.

International Opportunities: International study is available for all students and may include opportunities for internships or taking course work towards various majors and minors. International study may have an impact on the MAP; therefore, it is important to consult with the academic advisor before participating. Interested students can find information about international study, research, internships, and service opportunities at:

This Map is not a contract, either expressed or implied, between the University and the student, but represents a flexible program of the current curriculum which may be altered from time to time to carry out the academic objectives of the University. The University specifically reserves the right to change, delete or add to any Map at any time within the student’s period of study at the University

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